Fuggle Bunny Brew House

the journey begins

  • New Beginnings

    Chapter 1

    New Beginnings

    The first beer produced by Fuggle Bunny Brew House marking the beginning of an adventure.  Follow Fuggle on his travels, with every beer comes a new chapter in this little bunny's story... We're exited and hope you can join us on the journey!

  • Cotton Tail

    Chapter 2

    Cotton Tail

    The second chapter brings a refreshing pale ale... perfectly quaffable in the spring sunshine (fingers crossed on the sunshine)

  • Orchard Gold

    Chapter 3

    Orchard Gold

    A beautiful follow on to Chapter 2's pale ale is this golden ale. Sweet honey flavours with hints of spice and earthy undertones.

  • Oh Crumbs

    Chapter 5

    Oh Crumbs

    Fuggle's adventures continue and finds himself in a sticky situation with the new release of Chapter 5…Amber coloured with hints of spice cedar and pine...Sweet caramel and biscuity flavours gives a distinctive finish!!

  • Russian Rare-Bit

    Chapter 7

    Russian Rare-Bit

    Dark & Sensual, Malty & Complex with an Intriguing twist of Chocolate, Coffee & Liquorice aromas, British Hops lend bittering qualities - luxurious!


    Chapter 8


    A sumptuous ruby red ale. A taste explosion of juicy blackcurrant, rich liquorice and smooth caramel with malty undertones - heaven in a glass!

  • La La Land

    Chapter 9

    La La Land

    With a swish of Scarletts' cape a warm Tropical breeze surrounded them with aromas of Citrus & Passion Fruit filled their noses.

    The cape fell to reveal a star lines walkway.

    "We're in LA!!" Fuggle gazed around in excitement to spot a tiny house...oddly it was upside down!! Fuggle looked bemused! "I told you the cape was special" Scarlett giggled!

  • 24 Carrot

    Chapter 4

    24 Carrot

    This 6.0% IPA has hints of citrus fruits, spice and blackberries and is what leads Fuggle into a whole new world where the unexpected seems to be the norm... watch out for the next instalment coming

  • Hazy Summer Daze

    Chapter 6

    Hazy Summer Daze

    This refreshing pale ale is totally tropical…with mango, lime, apricot, melon, lychees and grapefruit and a fresh floral aroma...it’s thirst quenchingly good!!