Carry Outs

Real Ale to Take Away

Carry Out/Retail Pricing


Carry Outs (any of our beers)
8 Pint Carry Out Jug (refillable)  

£20.00 (initial)
£14.00 (refills)

4 Pint Carry Out Jug (refillable)  

£10.00 (initial)
£7.50 (refills)

2 Pint Cartons (biodegradable)           


Pins – 36 Pints
New Beginnings (amber bitter) – 4.9%  


Cotton Tail (pale ale) – 4.0%  


Orchard Gold (golden ale) – 5.0%  


24 Carrot (IPA) – 6.0%  


Casks – 9 Gallon – 72 Pints
New Beginnings (amber bitter) – 4.9%  


Cotton Tail (pale ale) – 4.0%  


Orchard Gold (golden ale) – 5.0%  


24 Carrot (IPA) – 6.0%  


Hand Pull Hire
refundable deposit*


Casks – refundable desposit**  



* providing there is no damage to hand pull or cask
** providing there is no damage



OPENING TIMES (to the public)

Friday is Fuggle Day.  We are open between 11am and 11pm, you can hop in and fill ya boots with loads of luscious Fuggle Beer.



Casks, tap and hand pull must be returned within 10 – 12 days from the date of collection unless discussed beforehand. Failure to comply with this may lead to additional costs being incurred. Deposits will be refunded when goods are returned in the condition they left in, however, if the hand pull or cask is damaged in any way then the cost will be covered by the customer. Once the Ale has left our establishment it is the sole responsibility of the customer to keep the beer according to instructions. Full demonstration of how to use the cask will be shown at the Brew House when collected. All beers are checked at the point of sale.



Real Ale is a living, breathing Beer therefore once you have tapped and positioned your cask ready for use we request you do not move it or shake it but leave to settle for at least 48hrs. The cask must be kept in a cool place and away from direct sunlight. Once tapped, the beer should last between 5 – 7 days depending on the kept conditions.



Please contact us for trade pricing – Call 07949 133211 or email