Real Ale arrives in Sheffield

Do you long to quench your thirst with a ‘Proper Pint’ of beer how it used to taste? If so then wait no longer – a new Real Ale Brewery has now arrived in the South East of Sheffield.  Here is a small introduction into how the FUGGLE BUNNY BREW HOUSE LIMITED was born and what you can expect from your local micro-brewery.


Once upon a time, long, long ago…


Three of the biggest breweries in Sheffield unfortunately succumbed to closure in the early 90’s.  However, born out of this sadness sprung a cheeky little character who wanted to bring back to Sheffield and the rest of the UK, a ‘Proper Pint’ of Beer.


Herein begins the story of how the


The rabbit is associated with re-birth and resurrection – so let us lead you on a voyage of discovery.  A taste explosion of luscious aromas, flavoursome hoppiness and maltiness, as FUGGLE BUNNY smashes through to a town near you.


Hop on board and join the adventure of mystery and intrigue as you follow Fuggle through the many chapters of his life.

With each new beer comes a new chapter…Lets prepare for ‘procreation and global dominance’ as the journey begins with the very first chapter